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Will Walker on Google

I have been a customer to Impulse Computer for about 4 years now. From laptops to desktops or data transfer to power cords, hands down the most cost effective, amazing service, and attentive staff any Computer Repair/Retail has to offer. With a deep sense of Community and Family, Mr Khan has constructed a successful and Real American business. Only a few years older than his own son (whom also works at I.C.E), Mr. Khan approached my technical difficulties as if he approached his son's. That's amazing! Business owners are not like that anymore. It is in my strong opinion that before you take your technical needs to anyone mainstream, check out Impulse!!!

Pete Castro on Google

I purchased a laptop for my daughter over Christmas and have quality service since. She had a very minor issues with it and they explained every thing to her and fixed the problem on the spot. Took my desktop to them with a lot of problems and they serviced for free. Love the service and they are great to work with!!!

Review on YellowPages.com

I think these guys are great. Every time I call them they stop what they are doing and either help me though over the phone or they come to my business. It’s like having my own IT guy on site. They custom built me a new network system and computer and actually got it all to work together. I have used a couple of local companies and they could not get my system to work at all. I just called Impulse and they are coming over immediately. Awesome.