Dear High Schoolers of the Cedar Park/Leander/Austin Communities,

We would love to have the opportunity for you to come and spend some time with us in the form of an internship! Obtaining real-world experience is a sure way to find out if you would like to pursue a certain field of academia or career.

Impulse Computers is a local, mom-and-pop small business in Cedar Park, started in the Summer of 2007 by Urooj Khan and his family. With a keen interest in generating a self-sufficient community, we worked to built the store ourselves with the help of local individuals and start-ups. We would like to continue our involvement with the Cedar Park/Leander/Austin community by engaging the youth to explore their interests and skills by offering training in customer service, computer repair, building social and public interaction strategies, as well as overall small business management.

Since this is endeavor run by just a few individuals, students have the chance to see first-hand the hard work it takes to earn a dollar. Students will be exposed to money and inventory management, organization tactics, and community relations.

The period and regularity of the internship depend on the schedule of the student, since we understand the various aspects of life our youth are juggling. We would like to be able to sit down with those interested to see what they would be interested in learning, what they could contribute (we love to hear new ideas!), and how committed they can be to the development of their time with Impulse Computers.

Please note that we welcome students with challenges in social interaction and speech, as we currently have incredibly devoted and contributive members as part of our team. We are greatly appreciative of the time that they spend with us and we hope they continue to stay with us.

Kindly send a letter of interest detailing your thoughts of what your time with us could be like. Also send your contact information so that we may set up an interview.

Hope to meet you soon!


Urooj Khan

Impulse Computers